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Appcircle is an easy-to-setup mobile CI/CD platform with testing and store deployment

Basically, we help you make fully-automated, better and more frequent mobile app releases.

Appcircle Overview

Small mobile team , or a large team within an enterprise , you'll find Appcircle the essential tool you can't live without.

How Appcircle Works


Build your apps the way you like.

Your first successful build pipeline is just a few clicks away.

Connect your repository

Connect your mobile app's Git repository. We support GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or a private server. Self-hosted GitLab and Bitbucket as well.

Setup your Builds

A wide range of options are available for the target build platforms. Select Xcode version, even the latest beta that was released yesterday. Creating multiple apps from a common codebase or from a cross-platform framework? No worries.

Customize your workflows

Decide how your app will be built. Customize your entire build process with workflows. Drag and drop new steps, modify and delete existing ones. Choose from a variety of steps from the Workflow Marketplace. All steps are open source.

Decide what will start a build

No need for manual coding and constant monitoring for build automation. With different types of triggers, you have extensive control over when to get a build after a code is pushed to the repository.

Code signing is no longer a problem

Signing your apps has never been this easy. Just upload your iOS Certificates / Android Keystores. Rest is handled automatically for the full app lifecycle.

Test your app
with style

Ensure that your app is delivered with the highest quality with extensive and integrated testing features.

Automated unit & UI tests
Run automated tests with every build and get the results delivered to you immediately.
Detailed test reports for every build
See the results of your Unit and UI tests in detail, keep your code coverage percentage high, and download artifacts of your tests.

Distribute your app to
anyone, anytime, anywhere

The latest version always delivered fresh. Automated delivery of your app to testing groups or to the app stores.

Define test groups.

Specify groups of testers for fine-grained automated delivery.

Share with testers automatically

With different types of triggers, you have extensive control over which testing group will receive the version after an app is built.

Send to

TestFlight and Firebase App Distribution

For testing with small tester groups without app reviews.

App Store, Google Play and AppGallery

Automated binary uploads to the store dashboards.

Your internal
app store

For internal and private delivery of your app.

You’re going to love

From small teams to large enterprises, mobile developers are using Appcircle every day.

  • Appcircle is specifically designed for mobile DevOps. This makes it better than generic DevOps tools when it comes to mobile app development. They seem to already know what the others had done wrong and they created the tool accordingly.
    Marshall, Mobile Developer
  • Working with many different startups, I had the chance to observe many different tools and use cases and I can confidently say that Appcircle combines the best features of other mobile CI tools in the market.
    Allen, Technical Consultant
  • Appcircle has numerous tools and workflow steps that make our job easy. We use Appcircle's UI to manage our CI/CD flow without writing a single line of code or editing yaml files. So far we are very pleased that we have chosen Appcircle.
    Enes, Mobile Team Lead

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4.8 out of 5

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8.9 out of 10

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