iOS Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Automated builds, tests and releases for iOS apps developed with Swift, Objective-C and Flutter with the most recent macOS and Xcode environments.

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iOS CI Solutions

Optimize and automate your iOS app pipeline with Appcircle. Centralized certificate management, seamless Xcode switching, integrated testing, and enterprise-grade features for efficient and reliable app deployments.


Signing Identities

Appcircle Signing Identities module offers centralized Apple developer certificate management with automated certificate generation and code signing. Track provisioning profile and certificate usage and monitor team activities to enhance security.


Xcode Version Select

Switch between Xcode versions directly within the build environment. Current Xcode versions, including the latest Xcode beta versions are available or you can easily switch to a previous Xcode version. No need to download older Xcode versions. Test your app on multiple Xcode versions.


iOS Unit/UI Tests and Testing Automation

To run Unit and UI tests for your iOS apps or to utilize an automated testing platform, just add the related integration step to the build workflow in Appcircle. This integration allows automatic execution of tests for comprehensive iOS app quality control.


Enterprise-Grade CI/CD for iOS

Enhance your mobile DevOps practices with Appcircle’s secure, scalable enterprise-grade solution. Integrate with SAML, SSO, OAuth, and LDAP for streamlined setup across your organization. Enjoy simplified macOS management and robust iOS CI/CD tools from centralized certificate management to automated App Store deployment.

iOS CI Tools & Integrations

Elevate your iOS development with seamless CI integrations. Enhance your workflow with powerful tools and services designed to optimize iOS app builds, tests, and distribution. Experience unmatched efficiency and performance with Appcircle's advanced CI integrations.


Xcodebuild Build for Devices

Integrating Xcodebuild Build for Devices in Appcircle's CI/CD pipelines automates the building of iOS apps for physical devices, optimizing the build process for testing and deployment.


Xcodebuild for Unit and UI Tests

Using Xcodebuild test command in Appcircle CI/CD pipelines automates Unit and UI tests Unit and UI testing for iOS and macOS apps. This process verifies each build with test suites, maintaining high code quality and app stability.


Cocoapods Install

Cocoapods streamlines the management of project dependencies in iOS and macOS projects, automating the installation and update of libraries to enhance development efficiency and consistency across all builds.



Appcircle's integration with Fastlane streamlines your mobile app development process, allowing you to automate builds and deployments seamlessly.


iOS Version Management

Integrating iOS Version Management in Appcircle's CI/CD pipelines automates the process of managing app versions, ensuring consistency and simplifying the release process for iOS apps.


Test Reports for iOS

Integrating the Test Reports for iOS in Appcircle's CI/CD pipelines provides detailed test reporting, offering insights into iOS test results and enhancing the decision-making process in app development.



SwiftLint automatically enforces Swift style and conventions, reviewing code for errors and style violations. This integration promotes code quality and consistency in iOS and macOS projects, adhering to best practices and team guidelines.


Streamlined Integration with Hundreds of Ready Workflow Steps!

Explore a wide range of integrations to enhance your mobile CI/CD workflows with Appcircle. Boost your mobile app pipelines with readily available workflow steps for various iOS build, test and release tasks and integrations with your favorite tools and services.

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iOS Security

Secure iOS app deployments with Appcircle. Centralized environment variables, custom infrastructure, and advanced role management ensure optimal CI/CD security.


iOS Environment Variables

Appcircle simplifies environment variable management, making it easy to configure and secure your iOS app builds. Set key variables once and apply them across all environments with dynamic adjustments for consistent settings. The environment variables are encrypted, safeguarding sensitive information.


Self-Hosted Mobile CI/CD for iOS

Gain unmatched control and customization on your iOS CI/CD environment by hosting on your own infrastructure or leveraging AWS and GCP. Keep your mobile app pipeline in-house and seamlessly integrate with your systems such as code repositories or identity management.

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Advanced DevOps Role Management

Boost productivity with Appcircle's Advanced Role Management! Easily assign roles and permissions for CI/CD, control resource access, and manage authorizations through our intuitive interface. Track activities and ensure compliance with detailed logs.


Integrated iOS Security Tools

Enhance your app's security with Appcircle's ready-to-use integrations with iOS app security platforms. Connect with Fortify for advanced testing, Appdome for no-code security, and Appsweep for continuous scanning. Ensure your apps are protected and compliant.

Transform Your iOS Workflow

Streamline and automate iOS app testing, distribution, and app store deployments end-to-end.


iOS App Testing Distribution

Integrated iOS app testing with Appcircle! Manage test groups, automate ad hoc distribution, and gather feedback. Simplify device management without iTunes. Enjoy real device testing and detailed reporting.advanced iOS testing features. Experience efficient testing and take your app to the next level!


Enterprise App Store

Manage in-house app distribution with Appcircle’s Enterprise App Store! for apps built with Apple Enterprise Certificate! Customize your storefront, automate deployments, and manage apps without MDM. Integrate SSO, control access, and gain powerful insights with detailed reporting.


Publish to App Store Connect for TestFlight and App Store

With Appcircle Publish module, automate uploads to App Store Connect for TestFlight or app, Store submissions, manage release notes, and track iOS app deployment progress in real-time without the need to provide access to App Store Connect directly.

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