Bitrise is a CI/CD platform for mobile app development, automating building, testing, and
deployment processes.

What is Bitrise?

Bitrise is a mobile-focused Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) platform. It offers automation solutions for building, testing, and deploying mobile applications, supporting various frameworks and tools. Bitrise is designed to simplify the app development process by providing an automated workflow for mobile app developers.

Top Alternatives to Bitrise

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  • Enterprise grade all-in-one platform
  • Offers self-hosted deployment options.
  • Supports Enterprise App Store and Testing Distribution
  • Crafted specifically for enterprises with valuable insights.



Codemagic offers more restricted customization options, lacks a self-hosted option, and has limited testing distribution capabilities.

Xcode Cloud

Xcode Cloud offers support just for iOS development, providing a more limited range of pre-built workflow steps compared to alternatives and lacks a self-hosted option

App Center

App Center has slower build speeds, limited workflow customization, and a stronger focus on testing and analytics rather than comprehensive CI/CD capabilities


Jenkins requires technical expertise for complex setup, has higher maintenance and hardware requirements, and can be challenging for beginners to learn


Does Bitrise provide a self-hosted option for teams with special security or customization needs?

Bitrise does not offer a self-hosted option but it offers AWS instance and instance with site to site VPN, which means teams with special security or customization needs may have to look for alternatives. Platforms like Appcircle provide a comprehensive self-hosted (Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, and OpenShift) option that can be tailored to meet specific security, performance, and customization capabilities, offering a more flexible and secure environment for mobile CI/CD processes.

How do you speed up builds in Bitrise?

Bitrise claims to enhance build speed through parallel builds and caching. However, the cost increases with the capacity of the build machine you use, making the capacity and number of build machines crucial factors. On the other hand, Appcircle not only supports parallel builds and caching but also offers competitive pricing, allowing you to use a higher number of build machines

How does Bitrise provide mobile application release management?

Bitrise provides limited release management capabilities, which may be suitable for straightforward store publish. However, for more complex requirements, Appcircle offers an enterprise-grade application release automation solution with the ability to create custom publish flow tailored to your organizations’ needs, along with access to detailed release reports and audit logs, ensuring a more controlled and transparent release process.

Does Bitrise offer an Enterprise App Store feature for internal distribution of mobile apps?

Bitrise supports enterprise app distribution through integrations with third-party services like Appaloosa and Applivery. While it does not have a built-in distribution system, these integrations allow for seamless deployment of apps to enterprise users or testers. However, this approach requires setting up and managing additional external services, which may add complexity to the distribution process compared to platforms with integrated distribution solutions. However, Appcircle provides an enterprise-grade Enterprise App Store solution and offers enterprise features such as LDAP login, role-based access management, advanced reports, etc

How does Bitrise handle testing distribution for mobile apps?

While Bitrise does not offer a comprehensive built-in solution for testing distribution, it facilitates testing distribution by integrating with external services like Firebase and App Center to distribute test builds to testers and collect feedback efficiently. However, relying on external integrations for testing distribution may require additional setup and coordination compared to platforms like Appcircle that provide native enterprise-grade testing distribution capabilities.

How do you manage environment variables in Bitrise?

Bitrise provides some capabilities for managing environment variables, but it may lack the depth of features needed for comprehensive centralized management. In contrast, Appcircle offers a more advanced solution that allows for secure and organized management of environment variables, including features such as auto-renewal, expiration date alerts, etc.

How is the pricing model of Bitrise?

Bitrise uses a pay-as-you-go model, billing by the minute for builds, which can lead to variable costs as project demands grow. This may result in unexpected billing surprises, especially as the capacity of build machines increases. In contrast, Appcircle offers a transparent and competitive pricing structure with fixed rates, providing predictability and avoiding surprises related to build machine capacity and costs. This makes budget planning more straightforward for teams.

How does Bitrise manage user access to an app?

Bitrise primarily manages user access to an app through SAML support for single sign-on (SSO), which simplifies the login process and enhances security. However, for teams looking for more advanced options, such as multiple SSO login choices and modular permission management, platforms like Appcircle offer a more comprehensive solution. With Appcircle, you can utilize OpenID, SAML, and LDAP for SSO, and customize user access at a granular level, ensuring that users have access only to the specific parts of the app they need. This level of control is especially important for larger or more complex projects where security and flexibility are paramount.

What should be considered when migrating from Bitrise to a more comprehensive platform?

When migrating from Bitrise, it's important to evaluate the new platform's capabilities in areas such as build speed, customization options, integration capabilities, and advanced features like testing capabilities signing identities management and pricing plan. Platforms like Appcircle offer a seamless migration support via expert CSM Team, ensuring minimal disruption and a smooth transition to a more feature-rich and efficient CI/CD environment for mobile app development with comparative pricing.

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All-in-One Fully Automated
Mobile DevOps Platform

Basically, we help you make fully-automated, better and more frequent mobile app releases.


Self-hosted solution, giving businesses complete control over their CI/CD infrastructure and ensuring greater security and customization. Another option to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) services

Hassle-free macOS

No more worrying about macOS management. Appcircle takes care of all issues related to system procedures and security concerns for setting up macOS-based build and store deployment agents.

Centralized Security

Streamline control and enhance confidentiality with centralized management of signing identities, environment variables, and secrets in Appcircle, ensuring secure and effortless handling of crucial elements.

Enterprise App Store

Simplify and secure your enterprise application deployment. This integrated solution is tailored to meet your enterprise's specific needs, streamlining app distribution and management within your organization.

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Obj-C/Swift iOS Builds
Java/Kotlin Android Builds
React Native Builds
Flutter Builds
Xamarin Builds
Unity Builds
Hybrid/Ionic Builds
Git Providers SupportedAzure DevOps Services Cloud, Azure DevOps Server, GitHub, Bitbucket, Bitbucket (Self-Hosted), GitLab, GitLab (Self-Hosted)GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, GitLab (Self-Hosted) (For Organization Accounts Only)
External Custom Git Repository Support
Apple Silicon M2 Chip support
Automated Builds with Git Push
Automated Builds with Git Tag
Advanced Build Configuration with Workflows
Workflow Components Marketplace
Build Configuration with YAML/JSON
Custom Build ScriptsRuby and BashGo and Bash
AI-powered CI/CDIn Roadmap
Centralized Environment Variables
Unit and UI Test Support
Unit and UI Testing Report
Selectable Xcode Version
Android Multiple Flavor Dimension Support
Centralized Signing Identities
Online iOS Certificate Creation Interface
Online Keystore Creation Interface
Ad Hoc Device RegistrationAdvancedLimited
Apple Device Management
App Testing Distribution
Testing Group Support
Tester Authentication with Email
Tester Authentication with Static Credentials
Tester Authentication with Enterprise Identity
Publish to Apple App Store and TestFlight
Publish to Google Play
Publish to Huawei AppGalleryVia Third Party Plugins
Publish In-House with Enterprise App Store
Publish Flow Customization
InsightIn Roadmap
Private Cloud Support
On-Premise Support
Team Management
Fine-Grained User Roles and Permissions
SSO (Single Sign-On) LoginSAML and OpenIDSAML Only
2FA Support
Enterprise-Grade Logs/Reports
Pricing ModelFixed, Transparent PricingPay as you go

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