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Appcircle's integration with fastlane streamlines your mobile app development process, allowing you to automate builds and deployments seamlessly.

Using Fastlane in the Workflows

Fastlane Integration: Enhance your CI/CD pipeline by adding fastlane as a step in your build workflows.

Easy Configuration: Set up fastlane with just two options
- Fastlane Director
- Fastlane Lane.

Flexible Workflows: Incorporate fastlane alongside Appcircle's "Build" and "Sign" steps for comprehensive automation.

Quick Setup

Add Fastlane Step: Insert the fastlane step in your workflow after "Git Clone".

Configure Options: Specify your fastfile path and desired lane.

Run Your Build: Start your build process with the integrated fastlane step for automated execution.

Deploying the Build Output​

You can use fastlane to deploy the built apps to the supported third-party services supported or you can use the Appcircle Testing Distribution to share the app with the testers or send it to the public app stores.

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How to Use Fastlane with Appcircle for Automated Mobile CI/CD

With Appcircle, you can use Fastlane as a workflow step in your mobile CI/CD. To start, you need a Fastfile in your repository.


Can I use Fastlane to deploy iOS and Android apps through Appcircle?

Yes, you can use Fastlane with Appcircle to deploy both iOS and Android applications. Fastlane helps automate tasks such as code signing, generating screenshots, and deploying to app stores, which can be seamlessly integrated into Appcircle's CI/CD pipelines for both platforms.

What kind of Fastlane actions can I automate within Appcircle?

Within Appcircle, you can automate a wide range of Fastlane actions, including but not limited to: Code Signing: Automatically sign your iOS or Android app. Beta Distribution: Distribute your app to beta testers using platforms like TestFlight for iOS or Google Play for Android. App Store Deployment: Deploy your app directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Snapshot: Automatically generate localized screenshots for your app. Gym: Build and package your iOS app. Gradle: Automate your Android build process.This flexibility allows you to tailor your CI/CD pipeline to your project's needs.

How does Appcircle handle environment variables with Fastlane?

Appcircle allows you to securely store environment variables and secrets, which can be accessed by your Fastlane scripts during the build and deployment process. This setup enables you to manage sensitive information, such as API keys or credentials, without exposing them in your repository. You can configure these variables through the Appcircle dashboard, ensuring they are injected into the build environment at runtime.

Can I use Fastlane plugins with Appcircle?

Yes, you can use Fastlane plugins with Appcircle to extend the functionality of your CI/CD workflows. Fastlane's plugin ecosystem allows you to add specialized actions that are not included in the core Fastlane toolset. To use a Fastlane plugin in Appcircle, simply include it in your project's Gemfile and Pluginfile, and Appcircle will handle the installation and execution as part of your build process.

Does Appcircle support self-hosted runners for Fastlane integration, and what are the benefits?

Yes, Appcircle supports self-hosted runners for Fastlane integration, which allows you to run your CI/CD pipelines on your own infrastructure. This capability is particularly beneficial for teams with specific compliance, security, or performance requirements that cannot be met by cloud-based runners.

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