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Extensive Mobile Stack Support

Appcircle supports all major mobile stacks within 24 hours at most, allowing seamless integration for various types of apps. Build apps developed with popular frameworks such as Objective-C/Swift, Java/Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, and Smartface.

Source Control Integration Options

You can easily connect your repository from your preferred Git provider, such as GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Azure or from a self-hosted repository provider.

User-friendly Configuration

Customize your build configuration, workflows, and triggers with a streamlined user interface with one-click access to all commonly used settings.

Extensible Workflows and Flexible Configuration
Fully Customizable Workflow with 100+ Integrations

For advanced and custom use cases, you can customize your workflows with 100+ integrations. You can customize any workflow step and utilize scripts at different stages.

Automatic Build Triggers

Eliminate the need for manual build initiations and constant build monitoring with the automatic build triggers. Appcircle provides you extensive control over when to start a build with various types of triggers such as simply after a git push, with a merge/pull request, or a push with specific tags.

Secure Environment Variable and Secret Management

Manage all your variables and secrets from one place for all projects. Secrets are stored securely and cannot be viewed while being incorporated to the build.

Up-to-Date Mobile Platform Support

Support for Multiple Mobile Platform Versions (Including Betas) Choose your desired Xcode, Android, React Native, or Flutter version, even beta versions, without worrying about maintaining separate environments for different projects. Switch between supported versions with a single click.

High Performance

Advanced Caching for Higher Performance

Superfast builds with minimized wait time! Accelerate your builds with the advanced caching in Appcircle, ensuring optimal performance combined with the stability and the privacy of your fresh build machine for each build.

App Versioning and Release Management

Easy Management of App Versions and Build Numbers

Simplify and automate the release numbering and versioning to keep your builds organized and in order. Available both for iOS and Android applications.

Automatically Generate and Publish Release Notes

Generate release notes automatically from closed tasks/issues and repository updates to keep your team informed.

Notifications and Webhooks

Get Notified on Every Event

Stay up to date with the status of any event through your preferred notification channel, whether it is Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost, or just use Webhooks for your own event notification integration.

Team Insights and Tracking

Detailed Action Insights of the Team

Maintain full visibility of your team's actions with comprehensive reports, logs, and dashboards, ensuring efficient control and effective tracking.

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