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Re-Signing Binaries

Confidently Distribute External Applications Signed

Why Re-signing is Important

Re-signing a binary is necessary to update the signature that is used to verify the app's authenticity. This is important because it ensures that the app has not been tampered with and that it is from a trusted source.

There are several reasons why you might need to resign a binary, including transferring ownership of an app to a new developer account, updating an app after a certificate has expired or been revoked, and changing the name or bundle identifier..

  • Re-signing iOS Binaries

    Choose your binary, select the option to resign, fill out the required information, and then leave the rest to Appcircle. You'll get a fresh signed binary with updated information, guaranteeing your users a trustworthy installation procedure.

  • Re-signing Android Binaries

    You are simply guided through the resignation process by Appcircle's user-friendly UI. With a single click, your Android binary will be signed and ready for test distribution or store submit when you select the resign option.

  • Re-sign History

    With the re-sign history section available with Appcircle, you can keep track of the past process of the artifacts.

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