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Enhance Your DevOps with Appcircle
Diverse Use Cases for Mobile Development

Appcircle streamlines and enhances DevOps processes for mobile app development. Explore our diverse use cases, including CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, code signing, release management, dependency caching, and workflow automation to drive efficiency and innovation.

Reliable & Efficient Mobile CI/CD

    Streamline your mobile app development with a hassle-free CI/CD setup. The most common use cases are:

  • Automate builds and tests to validate every code change.
  • Deploy apps to testing platforms automatically for continuous feedback.
  • Build iOS and Android apps from a single codebase.
  • Ensure your releases meet security and regulatory standards.
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Efficient Mobile App Workflow Automation

    Streamline your mobile app development with automated workflows. The most common use cases are:

  • Enhance your mobile app build automation for consistent and reliable outcomes.
  • Ensure your app is always in a releasable state with automated mobile app workflows.
  • Identify issues early and ensure stability and reliability through automated testing.
  • Automate tasks like code signing and environment setup to streamline the deployment process.
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Efficient Mobile Release Management

    Streamline your mobile app release management with Appcircle. The most common use cases are:

  • Save time and reduce errors by automating publishing to multiple stores.
  • Manage all app releases from a single hub, eliminating the need to navigate between different platforms.
  • Create and customize publish flows using a drag-and-drop interface for seamless automation.
  • Gain insights and track release performance to enhance DevOps automation and ensure smooth releases.
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Efficient Mobile Dependency Caching

    Mobile dependency caching helps you optimize mobile build processes. The most common use cases are:

  • Download and extract cached dependencies to ensure smooth build processes.
  • Upload build artifacts and dependencies to a remote cache for reuse in future builds.
  • Reduce build times by avoiding redundant downloads and accessing cached resources quickly.
  • Ensure consistent build environments and reduce build failures with reliable dependency caching.
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Secure & Trusted macOS Code Signing

    Ensure the integrity and security of your macOS applications with automated code signing. The most common use cases are:

  • Secure application distribution by signing your macOS apps before release.
  • Integrate code signing into your CI/CD pipeline for automated and error-free releases.
  • Sign enterprise applications for secure and trusted internal distribution.
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Efficient Android Code Signing

    Streamline your Android app development with seamless code signing solutions. The most common use cases are:

  • Generate Android keystores directly in Appcircle for easy app signing
  • Upload existing keystore files along with the necessary passwords.
  • Use in-project keystores stored in your Gradle file for flexible signing.
  • Simplify the signing process for Google Play submissions.
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Efficient iOS Continuous Testing

    Ensure high-quality and reliable iOS applications with automated continuous testing. The most common use cases are:

  • Run automated unit and UI tests during the build process.
  • Create and manage tests in Xcode using the XCTest framework.
  • Generate detailed test reports and code coverage results.
  • Integrate with tools like Appium, BrowserStack, Maestro, and Testinium for advanced testing.
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Efficiently Release iOS Apps with Appcircle

    Streamline your iOS app release process with Appcircle’s comprehensive tools. Manage app information, submit to the App Store, and optimize metadata seamlessly.

  • Gain insights into app version details from both TestFlight and the App Store.
  • Submit your app to the App Store and TestFlight for testing and feedback.
  • Update and optimize your app's metadata on App Store Connect for better visibility and engagement.
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Efficient Mobile App Versioning Tools

    Streamline your mobile app versioning with Appcircle’s tools. The most common use cases are:

  • Enable version management for Android applications using environment variables or Gradle.
  • Synchronize version codes and names across builds with offsets.
  • Utilize advanced settings and custom scripts for dynamic versioning.
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Secure App Distribution with Appcircle

    Ensure the security of your mobile applications during distribution with Appcircle’s robust solutions. Manage access, protect data, and maintain compliance seamlessly.

  • Integrate LDAP/SSO for secure user management and access control.
  • Use CDN encryption for secure app deliveries.
  • Implement role-based access controls for enhanced security.
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Efficient Mobile Unit and UI Test Automation

    Streamline your mobile app testing process with automated unit and UI tests. The most common use cases are:

  • Run Android unit tests during the build process.
  • Create and run unit tests in Xcode for iOS applications.
  • Perform tests in Appcircle and generate detailed test reports.
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Reliable & Comprehensive Flutter Testing

    Ensure high-quality Flutter apps with seamless testing integration. The most common use cases are:

  • Automate the execution of Flutter Unit Tests to validate every code change.
  • Integrate Flutter Unit Tests into your CI/CD pipeline for continuous integration.
  • Generate detailed JUnit test reports to gain insights into test results.
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