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Efficient Mobile Dependency Caching

Mobile dependency caching is a powerful feature that can significantly speed up your build times and enhance the efficiency of your CI/CD pipelines. By caching dependencies and build artifacts, you can avoid redundant downloads and improve the reliability of your build processes. Appcircle provides robust tools for caching, including Cache Push and Cache Pull components, to streamline your mobile app workflows.

Cache Pull

Cache Pull downloads and extracts the cached archive file in the build pipeline, restoring all files and folders to their original locations. This ensures that the necessary dependencies are available for the build process.

A development team uses the Cache Pull step in their build pipeline to download and extract previously cached dependencies. This step restores all necessary files and folders, ensuring a smooth build process with mobile dependency caching.

Cache Push

Cache Push uploads the cache archive file to a remote location at the end of the build process. This helps in preserving dependencies and build artifacts that are not versioned in the Git repository.

A team configures the Cache Push step to upload their build artifacts and dependencies to a remote cache after each build. This allows them to reuse these resources in future builds, reducing build times and improving efficiency through effective mobile dependency caching.

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