Efficient Mobile App Testing

Deliver high-quality apps with automated testing and real device integration

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  • Automated Unit & UI Tests

    Execute automated tests with each build and receive detailed results instantly.

  • Mobile-Specific Testing Engines with Reporting

    Integrated test reporting from mobile-specific testing engines for comprehensive insights. Take advantage of easily accessible and detailed test results.

  • Easy-to-use Ad Hoc Distribution

    Register your Apple devices without using iTunes or third-party apps to learn the corresponding UDID. Easily manage all your devices and configure your iOS provisioning profiles without switching to the Apple Developer Portal.

  • Code Coverage Analysis

    Extensive code coverage testing for your project connected from any repository.

  • Real Device Testing Integration

    Deploy your build directly to automated testing platforms like Firebase Test Lab and AWS Device Farm using readily available workflow steps for easy integration.

  • Universal Testing Distribution Platform

    Distribute your apps for testing by individual testers and testing teams without the need for third party solutions. It is an extensive testing platform with detailed management and tracking of applications, versions, testers, and teams. Even release notes are automatically provided by Appcircle to inform the testers about what package fixed or added as a feature.

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