Flutter Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Automate builds, tests, and releases for Flutter apps. Enhance your development process with fast, reliable, and scalable CI/CD solutions designed specifically for Flutter.

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Flutter CI Automation

Optimize and streamline your Flutter app development with Appcircle. Automate every step of your app pipeline with centralized management, seamless integration, and powerful features for efficient and reliable app delivery.


Intuitive Interface

Appcircle provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that allows developers to create and manage their CI/CD pipelines without the need for extensive coding or configuration files.


Pre-built Steps

The platform includes a variety of pre-built steps for common tasks such as building, testing, and publishing apps. These steps can be easily added to your workflow and configured through the UI.


Signing Identities

Appcircle's Signing Identities module offers centralized management for developer certificates, with automated generation and signing. Track and monitor your profiles and certificates to enhance security.


Version Select

Switch between different Flutter versions directly within the build environment. Easily manage multiple versions without additional downloads, ensuring smooth transitions and testing.

Flutter CI Tools & Integrations

Enhance your Flutter development with seamless integrations. Elevate your workflow with powerful tools designed to optimize builds, tests, and distribution. Experience unmatched efficiency with Appcircle's advanced CI integrations.


Firebase Deployment

Deploy your Flutter apps to Firebase effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and reliable deployment process.


Flutter Analyze

Run Flutter Analyze to ensure code quality and catch issues early in the development process.


Flutter Build for Android/iOS/Web

Build Flutter apps for Android, iOS, and Web automatically, optimizing the build process for each platform.


Flutter Install

Automate the installation of Flutter SDK and dependencies to ensure consistency across builds.


Flutter Test

Run automated tests for Flutter apps to maintain high code quality and app stability.

Flutter CD Automation

Automate Continuous Deployment tasks for both store publishing and testing your mobile app.


Publish to Store

Automate the process of publishing Flutter apps to app stores like Google Play, Apple App Store, and MDMs. It handles all the necessary steps, including metadata management, approvals, and submission, making the process faster and less error-prone.

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Testing Distribution

Streamline the process of distributing Flutter app builds to testers and stakeholders. Create test groups, manage different app versions, and securely distribute apps to designated testers with ease.

Flutter Security

Secure your Flutter app deployments with Appcircle. Centralized management of environment variables, custom infrastructure, and advanced role management ensure optimal CI/CD security.


Environment Variables

Simplify the configuration and security of your Flutter builds with centralized environment variable management.


Self-Hosted CI/CD

Host your CI/CD environment on your infrastructure or use AWS/GCP for unmatched control and customization. Integrate seamlessly with your systems for comprehensive management.

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