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Your own mobile app store to provide access to in-house apps with a customizable mobile storefront.

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Mobile App Management with Enterprise App Distribution

Appcircle Enterprise App Store provides an app store to distribute your in-house apps with a customizable mobile storefront.
Everything you need for secure distribution of your in-house apps in a streamlined manner.
It allows distribution of B2B and B2E applications without the need for an MDM solution and enrollment.
Full Mobile Stack Compatibility

Supports all types of mobile apps and frameworks: platform-based native, cross-platform native and hybrid and more.

Enable your users to install your in-house apps on their own devices.

Flexible, accessible and non-invasive solution with a simple and clear licensing scheme.

No Enrollment Needed

No need for the arduous and invasive process of device enrollment for users. Can be used both for internal and external stakeholders.

Customizable Storefront

Quick and easy customization of your Enterprise App Store with your own branding and own domain.

Mobile CI/CD-friendly

Fully integrated with Appcircle CI/CD. Deploy new versions automatically with each build.

Flexible App Management

Flexible distribution options with mobile app binaries to be served to your users or you can simply redirect your users to any external link. Keep a full version history and switch between versions with a single click.

SSO Integration

Integrate with your preferred enterprise authentication protocol: oAuth, LDAP, ADFS, etc. or simply use a static user.

Role Based Access

Provide selective access to the apps with the SSO roles and groups integration.

Detailed Reporting

See details on an app and version basis down to the individual user level with details on the OS and the device and export the data for further analysis

Scalable & Available

Fully scalable and highly available with a CDN for any number of users and concurrent downloads. No need for low performance in-house solutions.

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