Complete Signing Identity Management

Eliminate Privacy Concerns with Full Governance of Certificates

  • Centralized Management of iOS Certificates and Android Keystores

    Access identities from the build module for use in multiple projects, eliminating the need for maintaining the same certificate separately. There is no need for third-party tools for certificate generation.

  • App Store Connect Integration

    Automate the generation and management of iOS certificates and provisioning profiles.

  • Certificate Expiration Notifications

    Stay informed about soon-to-be expired certificates to prevent last-minute surprises in automated builds.

  • Active Certificate Usage Tracking

    Appcircle prevents you from removing the certificates that are being used in build pipelines, protecting the integrity of the pipelines. You can deprecate the usage of the provisioning profiles to remove them.

  • Team Signing Activity Monitoring

    Keep track of app signing activities with team-based usage audits, ensuring visibility for which app is signed by whom.

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