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Elevate Your Enterprise Mobile CI/CD

Crafted specifically for enterprises with valuable insights from industry leaders

Unparalleled Control with
On-Premise Infrastructure

Experience the ultimate in control with a self-hosted server for on-premise infrastructure management.

Elevate Your CI/CD with Enterprise-Grade Precision

Maintain internal security protocols while seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure

Flexible Deployment Options Tailored to Your Requirements

Choose from Self-hosted, Private Cloud, Public, or Hybrid deployment options tailored to your enterprise requirements.

No-Compromise Security with Self-Hosted Agents

Safeguard your source code with confidence through our support for self-hosted agents.

Securely Manage Your Source Code

Ensure maximum security for your codebase with comprehensive support for private repositories and internal source control systems.

Consistency and Reliability with Immutable Architecture

Establish a robust foundation for your CI/CD processes with Helm-based configurable installation and custom build agents.

Set up your own instances of Appcircle on AWS and GCP directly via their respective marketplaces*

Enable developers to automate their build, test, and deployment processes using AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) services.

*The release of this feature is targeted for completion within the first half of 2024.

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All-in-One Solution

Integrated Widget Set for Seamless Operations

Experience the power of Appcircle's integrated widgets that automate and simplify critical tasks in your CI/CD pipeline. From code reviews to security checks and multi-config deployments, our widgets provide a comprehensive solution, streamlining your development process for optimal efficiency. Enjoy a unified development experience that streamlines operations and enhances your development lifecycle.Learn more  

Optimizing Testing Processes for Superior Results

Elevate your testing procedures with Appcircle's automated testing widgets and Testing Distribution. Optimize your testing strategies, ensuring that your apps undergo the right mix of rigorous manual and automated testing for superior quality and performance.

Enterprise App Store Management

Simplify and secure the deployment of your enterprise applications with Appcircle's dedicated and integrated Enterprise App Store solution. Tailor internal distribution to fit your enterprise requirements, ensuring a streamlined process for app distribution and management within your organization.Learn more  

Application Release Automation

Streamline your app store deployment workflows with Appcircle's Flexible Publish Flow. Create efficient and flexible processes tailored to your enterprise needs, ensuring a smooth transition from development to deployment.Learn more  

Fully Customizable Jobs and Agents for Superior Builds

Optimized Customization and Advanced Configuration for Peak Performance

Optimize your build agents with high-performance, custom configurations tailored to your enterprise needs.

Simplified Replication with YAML Configuration

Efficiently replicate your existing pipeline by bringing your own image through a simple YAML file.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

Seamlessly integrate Appcircle with your existing enterprise systems such as identity management or testing automation, ensuring a cohesive and secure experience.

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Enhanced CI/CD Pipeline Visibility

A Single Pane of Glass for Your Mobile CI/CD

Measure and improve every aspect of your build and delivery performance to achieve higher quality and efficiency through Appcircle insights, reports and dashboards.

Optimize Error Log Analysis with AI-Driven Automation

Leverage the power of automation to efficiently analyze error logs, detect issues in your application's code, improve overall stability, and provide an enhanced user experience.Learn more  

Powered by Comprehensive Insights

Gain Actionable Insights from Build, Test, and Publish Processes for Pipeline Optimization. You can:
- Optimize your app development process by analyzing your build performance over time.
- Monitor the results of all of your test runs and spot the ones that are unreliable and causing failed builds.
- Track your store releases with a comprehensive report. and do much more!Learn more  

Secure and Confidential Operations

Centralized Security Management for Peace of Mind

Effortless control and confidentiality with Appcircle's centralized control over signing identity, environment variables, and secrets. Enjoy the ease of managing these critical elements in one centralized location, enhancing security and confidentiality seamlessly.Learn more  

Tailored Security with Self-Hosted Deployment

Opt for enhanced confidentiality with our self-hosted deployment option. Appcircle grants you complete control over your deployment, ensuring a heightened level of security and confidentiality for your enterprise's valuable assets.

Transparency and Accountability at Every Stage with Audit Logs and Reports

Record and track every aspect of your CI/CD processes with Appcircle's comprehensive audit logs and reports. Ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance throughout your mobile app lifecycle.

Robust Security Compliance: ISO 27001 & SOC2 Type II

Ensure that your enterprise adheres to the highest standards of information security with our commitment to ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II* compliance. Appcircle provides a secure and trustworthy environment, aligning with globally recognized frameworks for information security management and compliance.

Precision Access Control

Precision Access Control for Enterprise Teams

Effortlessly manage your teams with multilayered, intrinsic team management and fine-grained role controls.

Seamless Login with Enterprise Single Sign-On

Enhance security and convenience with standard support for SSO and LDAP.

Transparent Operations with Team-Based Audits

Stay informed with team-based usage audits and notifications, ensuring accountability at every step.

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Hassle-free macOS Management

macOS Management Made Easy

No more worrying about macOS management, let Appcircle address all issues related to system procedures and security concerns for setting up macOS-based build and store deployment agents.

Enhanced Security Measures

Strengthen your macOS security with Appcircle's tailored measures. Overcome potential access and security concerns, ensuring that your macOS agents are resilient against vulnerabilities and threats.

Simplified Updates and Maintenance

Streamline and automate the update process and maintenance of your macOS environment with Appcircle's macOS management capabilities. Ensure that your machines remain up-to-date and secure without the hassles of manual tracking.

Beyond CI/CD Excellence

Streamlined Code Review Processes

Accelerating Development with Efficient Code Reviews

Shorten code review processes with Appcircle, promoting faster development cycles and efficient collaboration among development teams.

Enhanced Code Quality Measures

Raising the Bar for Code Quality

Elevate your code quality with Appcircle's integrations and methodologies. Implement measures that ensure your codebase meets the highest standards.

Eliminate Human Errors with Automation and Checkpoints

Ensuring Precision in Every Stage

Leverage Appcircle's automation capabilities and strategic checkpoints to eliminate human errors in the pipeline. By automating repetitive tasks and implementing critical checkpoints, Appcircle ensures precision and reliability at every stage of your CI/CD pipeline.

Robust Security Enhancement

Bolstering Security with Code and Security Analysis

Fortify security with Appcircle's code and security analysis, identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities in your codebase to ensure a robust and secure application.

Efficient Release Acceleration

Swift Release with Test Automation and Security & Penetration Testing

Expedite your release cycles with Appcircle's test automation and security & penetration testing. Identify and address issues proactively, ensuring a swift and secure release of your applications.

Flexible Deployment Workflows

Creating Versatile Store Deployments

Establish flexible workflows for app store deployments with Appcircle. Tailor deployment processes to suit your enterprise's unique requirements, providing adaptability and efficiency in every deployment.

Flexible Pricing Solutions

Tailored Pricing Aligned with Your Requirements

Enjoy flexibility with a pricing model crafted to suit your exact requirements.

Unleash Performance with Increased Concurrency

Optimize your resources with more concurrency, higher performance, and unlimited builds—all tailored to your enterprise goals.

Clarity and Transparency

Ensuring absolute transparency in our pricing model, Appcircle eliminates any unforeseen surprises, extra charges, or potential pitfalls associated with pay-as-you-go plans. Our commitment is to provide a straightforward and transparent pricing experience, allowing your enterprise to budget with confidence, free from the uncertainties of unexpected expenses.

Expert Support Every Step

Dedicated Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Take your enterprise's Appcircle experience to the next Level with specialized support that delivers value beyond standard assistance, enriching every aspect of your CI/CD journey

Seamless Onboarding Excellence

Experience a seamless onboarding process facilitated by our expert support team. We ensure that your journey with Appcircle begins smoothly, setting the stage for a successful partnership.

Best Practice Guidance at Your Fingertips

Benefit from tailored best practice guidance throughout your Appcircle experience. Our expert team offers insights and recommendations, ensuring your enterprise follows industry best practices for optimal outcomes.

Priority Incident Handling for Uninterrupted Operations

Ensure minimal downtime with swift and priority incident handling, putting your enterprise at the forefront.

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