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Banking on Efficiency: Ziraat Teknoloji Achieves a Seamless and Fully Optimized Mobile App Pipeline with Appcircle
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How Appcircle Empowered Halkbank’s Mobile Team
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Hepsiburada Deploys Their “Super App” for Millions of Users with Appcircle
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WeBee Streamlines the Deployment of Hundreds of Apps with Appcircle
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Getcontact’s rapid and efficient development process with Appcircle
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"Does the job well"
Reduces the costs significantly. Also makes the app development process much smoother.

John KINAVIOS Developer

"Efficient Solution for Mobile DevOps as All-in-One"
Witnessing the transformative impact of our mobile app development journey with Appcircle has been nothing short of remarkable for us. Embracing DevOps principles has not only streamlined our processes but has fundamentally elevated the efficiency and security of our mobile app pipeline.
The integration of a fully-automated best-practice pipeline, enriched with DevOps wisdom, has enabled us to push the boundaries of innovation while maintaining the stability and compatibility demanded by our vast user base. The gains from this strategic partnership with Appcircle are beyond quantitative—they represent a paradigm shift in how we approach mobile development.

SĂĽleyman YĂĽkselDevOps Manager @Ziraat Teknoloji
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