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Discover Self-Hosted Appcircle

Use your own environment and infrastructure for the entire mobile CI/CD pipeline.

Customize your mobile DevOps environment
Keep your data safe and secure.

Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, and OpenShift are all supported for your local use!

Self-hosted Appcircle enables you to use your own environment and infrastructure for the same set of features available in the cloud to run mobile app pipelines.

With self-hosted CI/CD, you can build and test your apps on your choice of infrastructure while having full control over the build environment, including hardware, OS and location.

On top of all, you can customize your installation with personalized options, providing higher flexibility and extended control over the platform.


Advantages of Self-Hosted Appcircle

Self-Hosted, Self-Managed, Total Control

Easy Integration with Local Devices and Self-Hosted Servers

Integrating your application with your local devices or self-hosted servers is a breeze. This provides you with the flexibility and control to quickly test and deploy your applications without the need for complex infrastructure or expensive cloud services.

Full Control over Build Environment

You have complete control over the build environment, including hardware, operating systems and the number of build agents.

Customizable Deployment Options

You can easily customize your deployment with various options, providing you with the flexibility and control to meet your unique needs. You can easily modify your environment as your requirements change over time.

Build and Test Apps on Your Preferred Architecture

Self-hosted Appcircle enables to build and test apps on your preferred architecture. You can choose the platform that works best for your use case, and easily switch to a different platform as needed.

Enhanced Security

With your own infrastructure, you have enhanced security and control over your data. You can ensure that your data is stored in-house.

Optimized Resource Consumption

Appcircle is more optimized and tightly integrated than in-house, “custom-stitched” solutions. This allows higher productivity in resource consumption, eliminating bottlenecks and minimizing idle time.

For more information about self-hosted option of Appcircle, please check our documentation.

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