Publish to Application Stores

Automate and govern the entire store submission process for all platforms


Streamline Publishing
with Custom Flows

Appcircle provides all the tools you need to simplify and speed up your store publishing process without the need to use public store dashboards.

  • Create custom flows to automate the steps of publishing your app to public stores.
  • Upload your binaries directly or resign automatically as needed
  • Add release notes, screenshots and any other publishing step as you need
  • Collaborate with your team and get release approvals

Track your Publishing
Progress with Insights

Appcircle gives you detailed information about the status of your publishing steps to increase the efficiency of your publishing process.

  • Compare your current release performance with the previous ones.
  • Discover where your app gets stuck or fails and how to fix it.
  • Identify and eliminate the bottlenecks that slow down your publishing process.
  • Get publishing activities with report and audit logs

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