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Efficient Workflow Automation for Mobile Apps

In the realm of software development, automating workflows can significantly enhance productivity, reduce errors, and streamline processes. Workflow automation involves using technology to automate repetitive tasks and processes, allowing teams to focus on more strategic and creative work. Appcircle offers robust workflow automation solutions tailored for mobile app development, ensuring that your development, testing, and deployment processes are efficient and error-free.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Integrate continuous integration and deployment processes into your mobile app workflows to automatically build , test , and deploy your application. This ensures that your app is always in a releasable state and reduces the time to market.

A team uses Appcircle’s mobile app build automation to automatically build and deploy their mobile application whenever new code is pushed to the repository. This streamlines the release process and ensures timely updates.

Automated Code Reviews

Automate the code review process to ensure that all code changes meet quality standards before being merged. This helps in maintaining high code quality and reducing the burden on human reviewers, enhancing your mobile app workflows.

A development team uses Appcircle’s mobile app workflow automation to run automated code reviews for each pull request. This ensures that the code adheres to the set guidelines and standards before it is merged into the main branch.

Automated Testing

Automate the execution of tests to validate your application’s functionality, performance and security. This helps in identifying issues early and ensures that your app is stable and reliable, optimizing your mobile app workflows.

A QA team uses Appcircle’s mobile app workflow automation to run automated tests on different devices and platforms . This ensures comprehensive test coverage and early detection of issues.

Deployment Pipeline Management

Manage your deployment pipelines with mobile app workflows to ensure smooth and error-free releases. Automate tasks such as code signing , environment setup, version control, testing distribution and store publish to streamline the deployment process.

A DevOps team uses Appcircle’s mobile app workflow automation to manage their deployment pipelines. This includes automated code signing, setting up environments, and managing version control, ensuring a smooth release process. In addition, they create testing groups for automatically distributing the app to testers and they have automated publish workflows to publish to various stores.

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