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Mobile App Versioning

Managing the versioning of mobile applications is crucial for maintaining consistency and ensuring smooth deployments. Appcircle provides comprehensive mobile app versioning tools that allow you to manage version codes and version names for both Android and iOS applications efficiently.

Understanding Android Versioning

Enable version management for Android applications using Appcircle’s tools. Configure version codes and names with environment variables or directly from the Gradle file.

A development team configures the Version Management toggle and adds the Increment Build and Version Number component to their workflow. They use the $AC_BUILD_NUMBER environment variable to automate the version code increment process.

Managing Version Codes

Select the version code source and use offsets to synchronize version codes across builds. Choose between environment variables or Gradle for version code management.

A team sets the version code source to Gradle and uses an offset value to synchronize the version code with their project’s build number. This ensures consistency across all builds.

Managing Version Names

Select the version name source and use offsets to manage version names effectively. Increase the major, minor, or patch value based on the required versioning strategy.

A developer uses the $AC_VERSION_NUMBER_SOURCE environment variable to set the version name from the commit message. They configure the versioning strategy to increment the minor version for each new release.

Advanced Settings and Custom Scripts

Utilize advanced settings to manage build flavors and configurations. Use custom scripts to extract version information from commit messages or tags.

A QA team adds a custom Ruby script to extract the version number from Git tags. They configure the Increment Build and Version Number component to use this extracted version number, ensuring accurate versioning for each release.

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