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Android Code Signing

Signing your Android applications with a keystore is essential for installing and testing your app on virtual or real devices and for submitting it to the Google Play store. Appcircle provides a seamless solution for managing Android keystores, allowing you to generate or upload keystores for signing your applications.

Generate Android Keystores

Create a keystore by entering the necessary information directly in Appcircle. No additional software is required, making the process straightforward and efficient.

A development team generates a new Android keystore in Appcircle by simply entering the required details. This keystore is then used to sign their application for testing and distribution.

Upload Android Keystore File

Upload your existing keystore file along with the necessary passwords to Appcircle. This allows you to reuse your pre-obtained keystores for signing Android applications.

A company uploads their existing Android keystore file to Appcircle, including the necessary passwords. This keystore is then used to sign their applications before submitting them to the Google Play store.

In-Project Keystore Usage

Store your signing details in your Gradle file and use your in-project keystore to sign your app. This provides flexibility and control over the signing process.

A developer configures their Gradle file to include signing details and disables the Sign Application step in the Appcircle build workflow editor. This allows the app to be signed using the in-project keystore.

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