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Mobile Unit Test Automation

Automating unit tests for mobile applications is crucial for maintaining product quality and performing routine checks efficiently. Unit tests run quickly, are relatively easy to write, and help ensure your code behaves as expected. Appcircle provides robust solutions for running and managing unit tests during the build process, integrating seamlessly with various testing frameworks and tools.

Running Android Unit Tests

Run your Android unit tests during the build process using custom scripts in your build profile.

A development team adds a custom script to their Appcircle build workflow that runs Android unit tests and outputs the test results. This ensures any issues are detected early and included in the build artifacts.

Creating Unit Tests in Xcode

Create unit tests for iOS applications in Xcode using the XCTest framework. These tests can then be run during the build process in Appcircle.

A developer uses the Test Navigator in Xcode to create new unit tests for their iOS application. These tests use XCTAssert functions to verify the behavior of the code.

Performing Tests in Appcircle

Run your unit tests during the build process by adding the appropriate steps to your workflows. Ensure the steps are ordered correctly for optimal results.

A team configures their Appcircle workflow to include the necessary test steps and custom scripts, ensuring all unit tests are run and results are collected efficiently.

Generating Test Reports

Use the Test Report Component in Appcircle to generate detailed test and coverage reports. Configure the component to parse the test result paths.

A QA team configures the Test Report Component in their Appcircle workflow to parse test results and code coverage files, generating detailed reports for analysis.

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