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Publishing and Releasing iOS Apps

Releasing iOS apps involves multiple steps, from preparing the app for distribution to managing its release on the App Store and TestFlight. Appcircle offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the process, ensuring a smooth workflow from app development to launch. Our tools and integrations simplify the tasks, making it easier to release iOS apps efficiently.

Viewing App Information from App Store

Gain insights into your app's version information from both TestFlight and the App Store in a single view. This step helps you track build numbers, manage release notes, and ensure all details are up-to-date.

A development team uses Appcircle to access the latest version information and track the build number, ensuring they are always working with the correct data before releasing their app.

Sending Your App to the App Store

Submit your iOS app to the App Store seamlessly using Appcircle’s tools . Prepare your app for submission by configuring the necessary API keys and following the detailed steps provided.

A company follows Appcircle’s guided process to submit their app to the App Store, ensuring all required steps are completed accurately and efficiently.

Uploading to TestFlight for Beta Testing

Send your app build to TestFlight to conduct beta testing and gather feedback from testers. Configure testing settings and manage feedback to improve your app before its public release.

A QA team uploads their app to TestFlight using Appcircle, setting up both internal and external test groups to gather comprehensive feedback.

Getting Approval from TestFlight

After submitting your app to TestFlight , monitor its status and navigate the approval process. Ensure your app meets all necessary criteria for final approval.

A team uses Appcircle to track the approval status of their app on TestFlight, ensuring it is ready for public release.

Updating Metadata on App Store Connect

Optimize your app’s metadata on App Store Connect to enhance visibility and user engagement. Manage descriptions, keywords, screenshots, and other metadata elements efficiently.

A marketing team updates the app's metadata using Appcircle, improving the app's visibility and attractiveness on the App Store.

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