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Security on App Distribution

Ensuring the security of mobile applications during distribution is paramount. Appcircle provides robust solutions to secure app distribution, leveraging advanced security measures and integrations to protect your app builds and sensitive data. By implementing features like LDAP/SSO integration, encrypted content delivery, and role-based access controls, Appcircle enhances mobile application security and compliance.

LDAP/SSO Based Test Groups

Integrate LDAP and SSO systems to manage your test groups securely, simplifying user management and access control with corporate directory services.

A development team integrates their LDAP system with Appcircle to manage test groups, ensuring that only authorized users can access specific app builds.

User Management

Add and remove testers , manage permissions, and ensure that only authorized users have access to specific app builds. Maintain tight security and organization through efficient user management.

An admin uses Appcircle to manage testers' access, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive app builds.

Access Control

Implement fine-grained access controls to protect app builds from unauthorized access. Leverage corporate directory services for secure user authentication and authorization.

A company uses LDAP integration in Appcircle to control who can participate in testing, enhancing the security of their app distribution process.

Encrypted Content Delivery

Use CDN encryption to secure app deliveries and protect sensitive data during transit, ensuring that only authorized users can download your app builds.

A development team uses CDN encryption through Appcircle to securely deliver app builds, preventing unauthorized access to their applications.

On-premises Hosting

Offer self-hosted solutions for organizations that want to keep their distribution infrastructure in-house. Maintain full control over the app distribution process and data security.

An enterprise uses Appcircle’s on-premises hosting solution to distribute apps internally, ensuring full control over their app distribution and security.

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