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Efficient Mobile Release Management

Managing mobile app releases can be a complex and time-consuming process. With Appcircle's Mobile Release Management, you can automate and streamline your app store publish processes, reducing the time spent from days to minutes. Create a repeatable custom publishing flow, manage store releases from a single hub, and eliminate errors while gaining valuable insights.

Automate App Store Publish Process

Automate your app store publish process to save time and reduce errors. Create custom flows to automate publishing your app to multiple stores with ease.

A development team uses Appcircle’s mobile release management to automate the publishing of their app to the App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery. This reduces the time spent on the release process and eliminates errors.

Single, Centralized App Store Publish

Manage all your app store releases from a single, centralized hub. Eliminate the need to navigate between different app store platforms.

A company uses Appcircle to handle the app release management across various stores through a single platform, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency.

Customize and Automate Publish Flows

Create and customize publish flows using a drag-and-drop interface. Connect your store account to Appcircle, configure the publish flow and triggers, and automate the publishing process.

A team customizes their publish flow in Appcircle, connecting their store accounts and setting triggers to automate the publishing process, reducing manual tasks and potential errors.

Release Tracking and Insight

Enhance your DevOps automation with comprehensive release tracking and insights. Compare current release performance with previous ones and highlight differences.

A DevOps team uses Appcircle’s release tracking features to gain insights into their apps release management process, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring smooth releases.

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