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Xcodebuild for Unit and UI Tests

Using xcodebuild test command in Appcircle CI/CD pipelines automates unit and UI testing for iOS and macOS apps. This process verifies each build with test suites, maintaining high code quality and app stability.

Key Benefits

Automated Testing: Leverages xcodebuild to automate both unit and UI testing within the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring tests are consistently run with each build without manual intervention.

Comprehensive Test Coverage: Enables developers to run a wide range of tests, covering various aspects of the application, from business logic to user interactions, helping identify issues early in the development cycle.

Configurable Test Plans: Supports the use of test plans and configurations in Xcode, allowing for detailed control over which tests are run and under what conditions, including different devices and OS versions.

Integrated Feedback Loop: Provides immediate feedback on test results directly within the Appcircle platform, streamlining the process of identifying and addressing issues.

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Points to Consider

Parallel Testing: Utilize xcodebuild's parallel testing capabilities to reduce test execution time, but be aware of potential issues with test interdependencies or shared resources.

Simulator Management: For UI tests, properly configure the simulator environments within Appcircle build pipelines to match the target devices and OS versions for your application.

Error Handling: Monitor and review test logs for errors or failed tests. Implementing retry mechanisms for flaky tests can help minimize false negatives.

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For more information on setup and usage, please visit our Documentation page  

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