Release mobile apps fast without mistakes with Appcircle

Continuous Integration is Essential for Any Mobile Development Team.


No more stressful release days

With Continuous Integration, release apps that are checked, verified and ready for production. Catch bugs, errors, mistakes early. Don’t worry that an unintended feature will get released to public. Increase confidence about your releases and release easily and frequently.


Minimize developer errors

Humans are prone to make mistakes. Developers are humans. An accidental revoke of an iOS Certificate can render a critical app unusable. Or a last minute variable change to test a fix, forgotten to be reverted. Appcircle is designed to minimize these errors. Prevent your developers to fiddle with sensitive operations.


Save developer time
by 20%

Building, testing, packaging and distributiong apps manually takes time. These tasks can take hours each day, resulting in days missing every month. Appcircle gives back the time, letting you and your development team to focus on what’s necessary: the app itself.


Keep your valuable data secure

Your signing identities must be keps secure since they can be used to exploit your apps when fallen in the wrong hands. Appcircle keeps your files in a secure vault, and you can determine who in the team can access. Manage all your variables and signing identities for all projects from one place as a single source of truth. See who accessed these files, and when.


No hardware or maintanence needed

Eliminate all costs required to run a Continuous Integration system. No need for dedicated DevOps members, or hardware to run your builds. Everything is handled by Appcircle. New Xcode is released? Available before you know it. No need to update/maintain any build machines. You just focus on making great apps, we handle the rest.


Better tested, confident apps

Appcircle supports all testing scenarios in a fully automated manner: unit and UI testing, deployment to device farms, sharing versions with internal testers and uploads to TestFlight and Google Play Testing. You can release test versions multiple times a day, run unit and UI tests on each code change, resulting in well tested, less buggy apps.

Faster feedback/response with “continuous integration”

Appcircle enables faster release cycles with smaller changes with full automation. The code is integrated continuously without any manual handoff, making sure that all pieces fit perfectly.

Keep your valuable data secure

With Appcircle, you can manage all your variables and signing identities for all projects from one place as a single source of truth with detailed logs. They are stored securely and cannot be viewed while being able to be incorporated to the build.

Better visibility of coding and delivery performance

Appcircle provides full visibility with notifications, alerts, logs and reports. With so much data previously hidden now visible; new opportunities for improvement can be realized in all stages. Appcircle enables better visibility and better visibility enables “continuous improvement”.

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