What is the Alternative to Xcode for Windows for Mobile App Archive, Sign and Simulation?

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People frequently ask, “How to download and install Xcode on Windows for iOS development?” or similarly “Xcode on Linux”. The volume of queries to find a working Xcode for Windows has recently been more augmented as people are forced to work from home with no access to their macOS devices.

You can still do iOS development on Windows with code editors in a crude way or by using the cross-platform frameworks, but you would be missing out crucial Xcode features such as iPhone and iPad simulators and archiving and signing iOS applications on Windows.

There are certain technical workarounds to use Xcode for Windows as we mention in other posts, but each has their own complexities regarding building, previewing and distributing mobile applications.

Moreover, you will encounter additional issues if you want to use multiple Xcode versions such as beta or if you are using a cross-platform framework to develop your iOS app, which requires specific dependencies besides Xcode itself, so you would also be looking to seek an alternative to use such dependencies on Windows.

Instead of struggling with all of these issues, you can use Appcircle for an automates and simple mobile CI/CD experience on any environment.

Appcircle is a complete DevOps platform that can replace many of the post-development operations done with Xcode, from app builds to simulators.


What is the Advantage of Appcircle as an Alternative to Xcode for Windows?

You can just connect your git repository without the need for Xcode and Appcircle will handle the full CI/CD processes of your app in your browser, whether you are using Windows or Linux or any other operating system. Appcircle even works on tablets so in a way, you can use Xcode on iPad for app signing and previews.

Get started with Appcircle right away for archiving, signing and submitting iOS apps along with running apps on simulators.

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