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We are excited to announce that Appcircle has been launched on Product Hunt on June 30, 2021 and it became the #3 Product of the Day thanks to your support.

Appcircle - Build, deploy and test mobile apps quickly and easily | Product Hunt


Build, deploy and test your mobile apps quickly and easily

Here are the highlights of Appcircle from our founder:

💪 We developed Appcircle to revolutionize the mobile CI/CD space by combining ease of use with high flexibility.

🙋‍♂️ As the founder of Appcircle, I am a serial entrepreneur working in the field of mobility for almost 20 years now. Since then, mobile technologies have been advancing at a tremendous pace, but the way mobile apps are built, signed, and distributed hasn’t changed that much.

📱 Developing mobile apps is just the tip of the iceberg. The users are expecting the same level of quality and performance from every app in the app stores, but developers spend so much time on the tedious build and deployment processes.
We are here to take the burden from the developers and help them focus on developing high-quality apps.

🔨 With Appcircle, you can build, deploy and test your mobile apps in a matter of minutes for iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter. What makes us unique is that it’s very easy to start, but you have full control over your build pipelines with our intuitive workflow editor that includes a number of steps and integrations. (Including the popular ones like Slack and Firebase.)

🤖🍏 We also have fully integrated app testing distribution and app store deployment modules, so that you can handle everything from a single platform without juggling between different tools for iOS and Android apps.

💼 Appcircle provides enterprise-grade DevOps in a highly accessible package to all mobile developers. No Mac and no DevOps knowledge needed to get automated builds.

⚡ Appcircle comes with a generous free tier (that is actually useful for production scenarios), so we invite you to try it out and see the difference yourself.


With Appcircle, you can build, deploy and test mobile apps quickly and easily

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