Customer Success Story: WeBee Streamlines the Deployment of Hundreds of Apps with Appcircle

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WeBee is an award-winning guest engagement platform, which provides a mobile guest engagement solution with social distancing and contactless features for more than 150 hotels in 20 countries globally. Hotel guests can make any of their requests via their smartphones (iOS & Android) without a need for face-to-face communication.

Their digital solution enhances guest experience and improves guest satisfaction. Users can handle everything through the app, such as reservation, transfer opportunities, check-in/out, or in-room dining/laundry/housekeeping requests.



WeBee uses a mono-repo (single codebase) approach to create and deploy multiple white-label apps for Google Play Store and Apple Store.

End-users experience different interfaces as the hotel-specific apps have different branding with dynamic app name, icon, and content supplied by the clients’ content management systems.

WeBee’s database runs on AWS, and it directs user requests from the end user apps to the staff app of the specific hotel. Those apps are updated with new features from a single, unified codebase, but required separate app builds for each white-label client. Thus, the team manually signed unique apps and submitted them to the app stores from different publisher accounts.

That was taking a tremendous amount of time and manual effort before they met Appcircle.


Appcircle upped the game for us for achieving the highest efficiency in deploying and managing hundreds of mobile apps under different brands, strengthening our leadership with our unique focus on mobility.



WeBee streamlined and automated mobile DevOps processes with Appcircle.

  • They manage all updates efficiently as tagging code commits with hotel name triggers build for specific clients.
  • Appcircle can then automatically build any requested version of the app with the specific customizations for that client.
  • They use the Appcircle online emulator/simulator to provide clients instant app previews, where they can approve the final version immediately.
  • Publishing the client apps under their own publisher accounts has also been automated. WeBee linked various Google Play IDs and Apple Developer IDs to lead deployments in Appcircle.

The mobile CI/CD pipeline of the WeBee apps is fully automated with tagged pushes from a single codebase, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and time-to-market.


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