How to Access Xcode 12 GM (previously Beta) for iOS Builds?

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June is an exciting month for Apple developers as we get the first sneak peek of the upcoming iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Xcode and their beta versions during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

WWDC 2020 is held virtually due to the COVID-19 restrictions and everyone is asking how to view WWDC 2020 keynotes online; though the most exciting part is the opening keynote with the new announcements from the virtual WWDC 2020.

And iOS 14, iPadOS 14, Xcode 12 and macOS Big Sur are introduced in WWDC 2020 and iOS GM and beta and Xcode GM and beta are now available to download. (Apple put them up right after the announcement.)

With Appcircle, you can use Xcode 12 GM (previously beta) for building Objective-C/Swift, React Native and Flutter apps for iOS 14 readiness. No need for Xcode 12 beta download or installation.


How to use Xcode 12 GM or beta if you don’t have access to the Apple Developer Portal or without a Mac?

To avoid all the hassles of upgrading Xcode 11 to 12, we developed the Appcircle Build Module.

With the Appcircle Build Module, you can just connect your repository and select any Xcode version you need to get your builds. You don’t need to worry about downloading Xcode 12 GM and beta and you don’t even require a Mac to get your builds on the new Xcode version. You can see more information about Xcode version switching here.

Xcode beta version selection for iOS builds

Xcode 12 GM (previously beta) is now available as a new option in the build configuration of iOS apps in the Appcircle Build Module.

You just need to select it in the configuration and press save. All your iOS builds for any framework, whether it is Swift or React Native or Flutter can now be run on Xcode 12 beta.



Where to download the Xcode 12 GM or beta?

So soon, iOS and macOS developers around the world will start asking how to download Xcode 12 GM and beta or download macOS Big Sur beta and seek download links. If you are a developer enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, you can download iOS 14 beta, macOS Big Sur beta and Xcode 12 GM and beta from the Apple Developer Portal.

However, if you are not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program or if you are using Windows for iOS Development (e.g. with a cross-platform framework like React Native), then you cannot download the initial versions of iOS 14 beta and Xcode 12 beta.

After a point, iOS and Xcode will also have public beta releases, then you would be able to download the Xcode beta on a Mac. However, if you are not using macOS, then just as we mentioned in our previous article, you would not be able to use Xcode beta on Windows directly (unless you use a solution like Appcircle).

And even if you have a Mac, you may be concerned to replace Xcode 11 with Xcode 12 GM and beta on your primary development machine unless you have multiple Macs for development; since iOS 14 and Xcode 12 are expected to come with new features which may cause unforeseen issues during the testing period.


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