How to Enable Slack Notifications for Mobile App Builds with Appcircle

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Appcircle is a mobile CI/CD platform that provides a fully automated environment to build and deploy apps, which also supports Slack for sending instant notifications regarding the status of an automated build.

Appcircle supports the full lifecycle of mobile app projects for all CI/CD needs. In this article, we will be setting up Slack notifications for our builds.

Appcircle supports sending build notifications to Slack. You can connect Appcircle to your Slack workspace to set up branch based build notifications to be sent to the selected channels.

Manage your mobile CI, CD and CT (continuous testing) with Appcircle

Connecting Appcircle to Slack

An Appcircle organization can be associated with single Slack workspace. To start, go to My Organization screen and press the “Connect” button next to Slack under the “Connections” section.

Provide permission to the Appcircle app on Slack so that the channel list can be fetched for selection and the status can be sent as a message.


You will then see that Slack is connected. If you want to disconnect it, you can do it from the same screen.


Setting Up Notifications in the Build Configuration

You can set up build notifications on a per-branch basis. For each branch, you can enable/disable notifications and select a target channel. Go to build configuration and under the “Config” tab, scroll down to the “Send Build Status to Slack” option.

To send build start and build end (success/fail) notifications, enable this option and select a target Slack channel in the following dropdown.

The build notifications work both for manual and automatic builds.


You can receive notifications for build start and build end, including the build status and direct access to the build logs.


With Appcircle, you can automate the full lifecycle of your mobile app with continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous testing.


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