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The Appcircle Badge is a dynamic visual indicator that displays the build status of a project directly in your repository's README or other documentation. It provides a quick and easy way to communicate the current state of your application's build process to team members and stakeholders.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Transparency: Promotes transparency by providing immediate visibility into the CI/CD pipeline's performance, fostering trust and collaboration among team members.

Increased Productivity: Provides an accessible way to track build status instead of checking it from the dashboard every time.

Easy Integration: Can be easily embedded into any markdown file or web page, requiring minimal setup and maintenance.

Customization Options: Allows for customization in terms of style, format, and information displayed, aligning with your project's branding or documentation standards.

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Points to Consider

Placement: Choose a prominent location for the badge in your documentation or README file to ensure it is easily noticeable by viewers.

Security: Be cautious about displaying detailed build information that might expose sensitive data or insights into your development process.

Update Frequency: Ensure that the badge is linked to a live status feed so that it accurately reflects the most current build status.

Consistency: Maintain consistency in the use and styling of badges across different projects or repositories to provide a uniform experience for stakeholders.

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For more information on setup and usage, please visit our Documentation page  

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