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File Size Check

Integrating File Size Check in Appcircle's CI/CD pipelines allows for automated monitoring of your app's file size, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to platform size limits.

Key Benefits

Automated Monitoring: Automatically checks the file size of app builds, ensuring that they stay within reasonable limits for app stores and user devices.

Early Detection: Identifies file size issues early in the development process, preventing potential problems during app submission or deployment. Each build can be checked automatically.

Customizable Thresholds: Allows for setting custom size thresholds for different files or build types, providing flexibility in managing size constraints.

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Points to Consider

Threshold Configuration: Set appropriate file size thresholds based on your app's requirements and the target platform's limitations.

File Analysis: Regularly analyze your app's files to identify areas for size reduction, such as optimizing images or removing unused resources.

Build Variants: Consider the file size impact of different build variants and configurations, optimizing each variant for size efficiency.

Continuous Improvement: Use file size check results to continuously improve your app's size management, ensuring an optimal balance between functionality and size.

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For more information on setup and usage, please visit our Documentation page  

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