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Appcircle Publish Release Notes

Appcircle Publish Release Notes enables you to add release notes automatically for each build, ensuring users stay informed about the latest enhancements and what that specific release contains.

Key Benefits

Stay Updated: Make sure that all of your builds are automatically published with a specific release note to keep track of the builds.

Customizable with Environment Variables: Automatically add any information from that build to the release with the environment variables.

Customizable to Get Data From External Systems: You can also use JIRA and similar tools to fetch data directly for automated release note generation.

Improved Collaboration: Understand updates that facilitate better collaboration and efficiency among development teams.

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Points to Consider

Regular Review: Regularly review release notes to keep them up to date within the build.

Dynamic Content: There is a wide range of environment variables and external integrations that can be added to the release notes. Familiarize yourself with these variables to enhance the release notes for higher productivity and improved collaboration.

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For more information on setup and usage, please visit our Documentation page  

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