Appcircle vs. App Center

Compare Appcircle with VS App Center from Microsoft with the comprehensive Mobile CI/CD and DevOps tools comparison table.

Find out the similarities and differences between Appcircle and VS App Center and discover alternatives to VS App Center. Click here to view more mobile CI/CD software comparisons.

  •   Java/Kotlin Android Builds
  •   Obj-C/Swift iOS Builds
  •   React Native Builds
  •   Flutter Builds
  •   Xamarin Builds
  •   Smartface Builds
  •   Hybrid/Ionic Builds
  •   Cloud Git Providers Supported
  •   External Custom Git Repository Support
  •   Simple, Easy-to-Use Build Configuration Interface
  •   Automated Builds with Git Push
  •   Automated Builds with Git Tag
  •   Advanced Build Configuration with Workflows
  •   Workflow Components Marketplace
  •   Build Configuration with YAML/JSON
  •   Custom Build Scripts
  •   Centralized Environment Variables
  •   Unit and UI Test Support
  •   Selectable Xcode Version
  •   Android Multiple Flavor Dimension Support
  •   Centralized Signing Identities
  •   Online iOS Certificate Creation Interface
  •   Online Keystore Creation Interface
  •   In-Browser iOS Simulator
  •   In-Browser Android Emulator
  •   Automated Test Cloud   
    Conduct automated tests with mobile devices in the cloud.
  •   App Testing Distribution
  •   Automated Delivery
  •   Testing Group Support
  •   Tester Authentication with Email
  •   Tester Authentication with Static Credentials
  •   Tester Authentication with Enterprise Identity
  •   Distribute to Apple App Store and TestFlight
  •   Distribute to Google Play
  •   Private Cloud Support
  •   On-Premise Support
  •   Team Management
  •   Fine-Grained User Roles and Permissions
  •   Enterprise-Grade Logs/Reports
  • Appcircle
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
    Utilizes AWS Device Farm and Firebase Test Lab
  • App Center
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
    Utilizes its own test automation service

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