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The Future of Mobile App Releases

Duration: 1 hour

Join us to explore the future of CI/CD for mobile teams, including the impact of AI and evolving deployment practices. We'll discuss platform maturity, strategies for safe and efficient releases, and the levels of mobile DevOps performance, based on our recent client survey. This webinar is essential for anyone aiming to optimize their mobile development processes.

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Meet our speakers

Ural Emekci

Pol Piella

Software Engineer IV, Glovo Ex BBC, Mobile CI/CD Evangelist

Ural Emekci

Ural Emekci

Regional Director MEA, Appcircle Ex Google, Enterprise Architect

What we cover

  • What does the future of CI/CD look like for mobile teams? What role can AI play in the field and how will the way that developers ship their apps change?
  • What does platform maturity look like for your in a mobile team’s CI/CD and what kind of processes can you put in place now to ensure your releases are as safe and smooth as possible.
  • What does ‘peak’ performance look like in mobile DevOps?
  • The results of the client survey Appcircle has conducted at the end of 2023. Mobile Devops maturity table with clients grouped in 3 categories: Low, Mid, and High performers.
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