Appcircle vs. Bitrise

Compare Appcircle with Bitrise with the comprehensive Mobile CI/CD and DevOps tools comparison table.

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  •   Java/Kotlin Android Builds
  •   Obj-C/Swift iOS Builds
  •   React Native Builds
  •   Flutter Builds
  •   Xamarin Builds
  •   Smartface Builds
  •   Hybrid/Ionic Builds
  •   Cloud Git Providers Supported
  •   External Custom Git Repository Support
  •   Simple, Easy-to-Use Build Configuration Interface
  •   Automated Builds with Git Push
  •   Automated Builds with Git Tag
  •   Advanced Build Configuration with Workflows
  •   Workflow Components Marketplace
  •   Build Configuration with YAML/JSON
  •   Custom Build Scripts
  •   Centralized Environment Variables
  •   Unit and UI Test Support
  •   Selectable Xcode Version
  •   Android Multiple Flavor Dimension Support
  •   Centralized Signing Identities
  •   Online iOS Certificate Creation Interface
  •   Online Keystore Creation Interface
  •   In-Browser iOS Simulator
  •   In-Browser Android Emulator
  •   Automated Test Cloud   
    Conduct automated tests with mobile devices in the cloud.
  •   App Testing Distribution
  •   Automated Delivery
  •   Testing Group Support
  •   Tester Authentication with Email
  •   Tester Authentication with Static Credentials
  •   Tester Authentication with Enterprise Identity
  •   Distribute to Apple App Store and TestFlight
  •   Distribute to Google Play
  •   Private Cloud Support
  •   On-Premise Support
  •   Team Management
  •   Fine-Grained User Roles and Permissions
  •   Enterprise-Grade Logs/Reports
  • Appcircle
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
    Utilizes AWS Device Farm and Firebase Test Lab
  • Bitrise
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
    Utilizes Firebase Test Lab

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